Melissa's Story

Melissa Johnson Family.jpg

The day had finally come when I saw two pink lines. I was a mix of emotions of mostly excitement and a little bit nervous. My husband and I were married in October of 2016. We both knew we wanted more children. I have a step daughter by marriage. We found out we were expecting on my birthday. This was my first pregnancy and as ready as I was for this baby I still wanted to know more. 

I started going to lakes area pregnancy support when I was about 5 weeks into my pregnancy. They offer so many things from "next step" preparation classes to clothing for your growing body. They have an excellent incentive program for parents (moms and dads) who want to learn more. Every time you come you gain a "coupon" that you can redeem for baby merchandise (cribs, diapers, highchairs, etc.) and you can go once a week. They offer support and a listening ear to those who "planned" their pregnancy and even those who didn't.
In my personal experience with LAPS I have formed a wonderful friendship with one of the workers. I went every single week and attended all the next step classes as well. Every week she offered me someone to just talk to about my personal life which was very stressful during my pregnancy. She offered me prayer for ailments and things that weren't going right. She gave me someone else to be as excited as I was.
The day my baby was confirmed that he was a "BOY" she was as excited as I was to pick out a blanket for my son. Every milestone beyond that was a celebration too. The day I was in labor with my son she was one of the few people I shared the news with. We welcomed William into our lives a few weeks early in the end of August. With everything I learned I was very ready for his arrival.
I looked forward to my visits so I'm sad to be ending my weekly visits but LAPS continues to help even after your baby is here by offering clothing once a month for the next two years for tour growing baby. LAPS has so many things to offer and is such a great resource I would recommend them especially to any new parent.