Faith's Story

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Here's my story:

My journey with LAPS started when I was 14 weeks pregnant. I had called a week before to see what I had to do. I remember being nervous walking in because I wasn't sure what to expect. Kaydi greeted me. She was very welcoming. I had just come from a Dr's appointment and when she stated that they needed to verify that I was pregnant, I informed her that I had an ultrasound and they gave me a disc. So she took out a computer to look at the ultrasound. She then explained the programs that they offered to me and I made an appointment for my first one on one session with Mieke. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. I've been lucky to have 2 LAPS advocates, Mieke and Tammy. They have listened to my heartaches, my joys, my fears, and have been supportive. I consider myself religious, but have had a strained relationship with GOD. I don't usually talk about religion or GOD or my beliefs because I haven't been on speaking terms with HIM. But, my journey with LAPS has proven to me that he is listening and he has answered me in ways I would not have imagined. 
I first learned of LAPS years ago from seeing their ads at the movie theater, but I didn't really know exactly what they did until 2 years ago when I started working at the Women's shelter and we had a woman who utilized them. She told me about the program one evening when she came back from one of the next step classes.
LAPS has connected me with Elaine who is a doula. She was and has been a GOD send. She was there for me and helped reassure me that what was happening was in my control during my pregnancy and during my labor and that the doctors know what they were doing. She was also a help to my cousin, who was my other support person during my induction, labor and c-section. LAPS also helped me with the next step parenting classes with Priscilla and Merilyn. They were a good refresher on the different topics they teach about. They have also helped me with items I've needed for my baby and if I needed clothing for him and for myself during my pregnancy. 
Most importantly LAPS helped me by being a part of my support system. I don't have a big support system and it's comforting to have this group of individuals to talk to, ask for advice, and know that there aren't any judgments and they want me to succeed. I feel that having them in my life and now in Isaiah's life for the next 2 years that I get to utilize them and it will help me through as a single parent.