Jessica's Story

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Jessica's Story:

I started coming to LAPS since I was a few weeks pregnant. Coming here was one of the best things I have done in a long time. All the staff at LAPS are very nice and care about you a lot. They have many different programs you can take, which has helped me refresh things I did know and learn a lot about the things I didn't. LAPS has helped me in many ways to get ready and to prepare for my baby. They even helped with getting me a car that was donated by some very nice people. They love to see me and my 6 month old baby on how much she has changed and the new things she has learned. 
If I know anyone that is pregnant I would recommend them to LAPS. They have lots of clothes you can get once a month. Also, you get coupons for coming there and completing programs to buy bigger things for your baby like diapers, changing table, cribs, etc. All of this has helped me out a lot.
Thank you LAPS and all the staff for being there to help and someone to talk to.