Morgan's Story

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I was only 19 and just out of High School. My relationship had already ended when I found myself pregnant. It was very hard telling my mom and family about this situation. I felt nervous. I first learned about LAPS when Lisa spoke at our church and my mom thought it best to visit with her more and find out what they had to offer. We made the appointment and I was very nervous about going. But once there I was warmly welcomed and instantly felt comfortable being there. LAPS gave me good information on pregnancy, birth and preparing for being a “mom,” but I think I value even more the fact I had someplace to go and someone with me through the whole thing. I was able to talk about my questions and concerns and the things that I needed to work through. LAPS was always available and there for me. Even though I did not really ever consider aborting my pregnancy, it is hard being a single mom and I am grateful for the support and love given me. Addilee is now 6 months old, starting to crawl and getting teeth. She is a very happy baby and I love her so much! I do not know where I would be without her. 

Thank you LAPS!