Ricki & Kib's Story

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Kib & Ricki (Client Story)

My husband Kib and I got married in October of 2014.  In Spring of 2015 we found out we were having a baby.  Our neighbors told us about LAPS.  When we came to LAPS we found out about their classes like car safety and infant CPR.  Since Richard was my first baby the weekly counseling and extra classes were really helpful.  They also helped us get a crib and other things we needed for Richard by earning coupons.  We could use the coupons for those items that can be really expensive when you are paying out of pocket.  Especially while trying to prepare for a baby.  The staff at LAPS are always friendly and super helpful.  My husband Kib and I don't have a lot of family in the area so it was nice to have that extra support.