Sophie's Story


I found out I was pregnant at 21. The day after I had gotten into an argument with the father of my daughter and we decided we were done talking completely. I was really stressed and decided to tell him anyhow. I did not feel ready to become a mom, especially not a single mom. My co-worker brought in some information about LAPS and introduced me to the idea of going. I decided to go, because it wouldn't hurt anything to check it out. I met Tracey and ended up going as often as I could. She showed compassion and was very caring toward my situation. I would sit down and automatically she would ask me if my dad and I were getting along, if I was getting along with my daughter's dad, and whether I was eating right or not. She cared not only about my pregnancy, but about my life. She proved to care about more than just the future of my child, but about me and all that I had going on. I looked forward to meeting every week at LAPS. I knew I was able to talk openly without judgement and ask any question that I had about becoming a mother. This place was an amazing help and has some awesome workers there too. I would go there again for sure. My daughter is now 4 years old. She loves pretty much talking to everyone, loves swimming, and hanging out with Grandma as much as possible!