Sue's Story - Volunteer

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Sue's Story (Volunteer Client Advocate) 

My LAPS story began more than five years ago when a longtime interest in service to a pregnancy center became a calling. Before my husband and I were married, when I was still in college, I became pregnant and rationalized that a very early abortion wouldn't be so harmful, and the timing just wasn't right for us to have a baby. Over the years the abortion was nearly forgotten until one day when it all resurfaced. I was on my knees putting socks in a drawer when a thought came to mind : " Where are you little one?" I was faced with the magnitude of my sin and loss. I cried on my knees for the baby I never knew, and saw an empty chair around our family table all those years. It became clear that my interest in pregnancy centers had been God calling me to service.

I have been blessed to share relationships with young women from the moment they read their pregnancy test as positive, to the birth of a beautiful baby. Relationship, what joy that has brought to my life. Much of the sharing involves helping young women to care for themselves and their babies but there's so much more, like just having a coke and "girl talk", lots of laughter, heartfelt prayer, sharing the gospel, and sometimes tears. I have also enjoyed meeting some of our young men along with their partners. I have been able to share in some of my clients special events like baby showers, a first prenatal ultra sound, a visit to the hospital to see Mom and her newborn, and even a Sunday morning church service together .
LAPS continues to get better for me because it's Gods ministry, and when we accept God's call, we are the ones who are blessed.