Be Sure You Know Your Options.


You don't have to face life's questions alone. We can Help.

Client appointments

Appointments, approximately one hour, may be made once a week or at the client’s convenience. Each meeting is a private, education time with a client advocate/mentor who will use pregnancy and parenting curriculum to help you in making educated decisions around pregnancy, a parent plan, adoption, and healthy relationships. You have a lot of decisions to make and we want to support and educate you on your options.

Rewards program

As a client, you may sign up for our Rewards Program. As you come for appointments each week, you will earn “points”. Points are used to “buy” items such as high chairs, cribs, diapers, baby swings, etc. These items are either new or gently used.

Doula Services

LAPS clients can receive FREE Doula services at the time of their labor and childbirth at their chosen hospital!  Pre-Birth consultation takes place at our location.


Clothing programs

As a regular client of LAPS, you are given free access to our clothing room (no points required). You may receive maternity clothing while you are pregnant and baby clothing, when you are at least 6 months along, until your child outgrows size 3T. You may continue to visit the clothing room, even after you are finished with our curriculum, if you have been a regular client. We do ask that you wait 4 weeks between each appointment. These clothes are gently used and some are new.

Post Abortive Support

Forgiven and Set Free

A 10 week bible Study helping women through their grief and unresolved issues surrounding their past abortion. This study offers healing and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Abortion Survivor

Tuesday evening classes

On Tuesdays each week we are open until 7:00pm. All you need to do to sign up is tell your client advocate that you would like to attend. Classes are for men and women. 

Next Step – A 6 week rotating course on infant care, cooking on a budget, what to expect in childbirth, and much more. 

Practical Fatherhood – A 5 week course just for men. Topics cover the importance of a father’s role and how to interact well with your child.

First Aid/Infant CPR –Up to date information from a certified instructor.

Cooking on a Budget—One night class that includes basic kitchen skills, food prep, and eating healthy on a budget.

Car Maintenance & Car Buy Tips—One night class that includes cold weather maintenance, price researching, tools for your tool box, and budgeting for payments.

dad's program

We also serve expectant fathers at LAPS. Male clients may make appointments to meet with a male mentor, earn coupons in the incentive program, and choose baby clothing from the clothing room. Dads are important in a child’s life, and a guy might have just as many questions as a woman. We are here to support and educate you too.

Other resources include:

  • Free Pregnancy Tests

  • Postnatal/Living Skills Classes

  • Mentoring Program for Women & Men

  • Nursing/Breastfeeding Classes

  • Infant CPR & First Aid classes

  • Education on pregnancy, abortion, & alternatives

  • Referrals: medical care, legal assistance, professional counseling, social services.

  • Parenting Education

  • Ultrasound Referrals

  • Information on Birth Control

Adoption Information

Check out BraveLove to learn more about what adoption is today. Watch videos and read stories of real people who's lives have been impacted by the option of adoption.